Data Integration Engineer

Main function of the job: 

Integration Engineer will design, build, test and deploy integration software to our clients. Utilizing in-house and industry-standard tools and technologies to perform duties related to data analysis, conversion, consolidation and synchronization.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Analyze and reverse-engineer client database structures/schemas
  • Document database structures, schemas
  • Build ETL/ELT connectors from our client’s data to our solution
  • Transform data as it is moves from one database to another
  • Verify quality of converted data using automated test suites and ad hoc testing
  • Step through and debug ETL processes
  • Conduct validation sessions with client agencies
  • Establish ongoing synchronization between databases
  • Learn new technologies as our company grows

Knowledge/Skills required to perform the job: 


  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent education/experience
  • DBMS experience with Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML technologies including XSLT and XPath
  • Experience with programming (Java/Python/C#)
  • Exposure to data modeling notations such as ERD, Instance Diagramming, and/or UML
  • Excellent documentation skill is a must
  • Must be self-motivated, detail-oriented while multi-tasking and a team player


  • Proficient in Python, Java and/or C#
  • Experience with multiple RDBMS platforms (Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL)
  • Experience performance tuning queries and database indexes
  • Experience working in Microsoft Azure (preferred) or AWS
  • Experience working with Azure Data Factory and products like Apache Hive, Pig and Spark SQL for ETL and or ELT
  • Examples of any of the above in GitHub or BitBucket a plus

All offers of employment are subject to fingerprinting, criminal record checks, and background checks.