Next Generation Customer Success Manager

Job Description:

Customer Success Managers are product and domain experts supporting existing Forensic Logic and COPLINK customers, prospects and business partners. CSM’s understand the customer’s systems and data sharing landscape, IT environment, business requirements and align Forensic Logic COPLINK solutions to match the customer’s needs and initiatives. CSM’s provide proactive consultation with customers to understand an agency’s challenges and align Forensic Logic solutions such as LEAP Search to address specific areas of need and/or to enable an agency’s Field, Support, and Command staff new capabilities to accelerate lead investigations and reduce crime.

CSM’s have both pre- and post-sale responsibilities.  Their charter includes driving revenue growth through upsells and cross-sells with current customers, and to acquire new customers across their assigned territory through proactive collaboration with the assigned Account Executive (AE).

CSM’s are required to live within their assigned territory and travel throughout their territory to proactively engage customers and prospects.  CSM’s will develop Territory Plans which include communication plans for current customers that factor in current spend, strategic importance, and growth objectives.  Virtual forms of communication such as Webex conferences and phone discussions are an important part of the CSM’s communication plan to responsibly manage costs while delivering value to customers.  Growth plans should be coordinated with the assigned AE to focus on expansion outward from agencies where we have data and high sworn counts.

Customers should perceive their CSM as a resource available to them that understands their agency’s issues and objectives, understands the law enforcement domain, whom they trust to provide insights and recommendations on how our products can help the agency achieve the goals they established when purchasing the FL COPLINK solution.

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for regular communication with all Forensic Logic customers within an assigned territory for the purpose of:

  1. Ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  2. Ensuring customers are fluent on how to use FL solutions to optimize their user experience and realize value for their organization from their investment in FL
  3. Understanding customer usage profile, use cases and best practices to be shared with other customer
  4. Securing cooperation with customers for publishing Case Studies, Testimonials and other collateral to be used as part of demand generation efforts across the market
  5. Identifying relevant product or usability issues and/or innovative ideas to Product Management
  6. Driving awareness and demand from prospects across the assigned territory
  7. Forming a Regional User Group that provides user support and training for participating agencies across the region (note: emphasis here is on the User Group building a self-sustaining model with background support from FL)  

The Customer Success Manager will provide Sales support on current install base accounts and prospects within the assigned territory, which may include:


  1. Collaboration with Account Executive teams to define, design, and detail the technical aspects of proposed solutions
  2. Participate in Sales meetings, presentations, product demonstrations, short term trials, etc.
  3. Attend strategic trade shows, regional conferences, and events as applicable
  4. Assist AE team with RFI/RFP responses, proposals and development of customer-centric collateral
  5. Develop and deliver “Watch it Work” (customer and/or FL led), and on-site “Lunch & Learn” sessions to increase customer acumen on our products for increased adoption across agencies and perception of value realized by agencies from using our solutions
  6. Initiate Road Show events, product demonstrations, discovery and sales development meetings with prospects and customers independently and individually when appropriate; communicate outcomes with AE and AM
  7. Development of detailed “Success Plan” with clear objectives, outcomes, and measurement criteria for highest revenue-producing accounts

The Customer Success Team will seek to achieve key metrics that the company selects to measure the health of the user base.  Examples of key metrics include:

  • Adoption/Usage metrics
    • Adoption % per agency
    • # Queries
    • Duration of sessions per user, or similar measurement of “quality at bats”
  • Data – are we expanding our data footprint in and around major metropolitan agencies across the country? Do we have relevant and rich data from key agencies and regions?
    • # contributing agencies
    • Document count
    • Data source diversity
    • Recency or “freshness” of contributed data
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Time to Resolution of product issues managed by our Support team
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell opportunities (number of opportunities and ARR) created (contribution to sales funnel) 

Non-CSM Responsibilities: 

CSM’s are not “trainers”.   Multi-day, on-site product training on COPLINK should be a fee-based offering delivered by Training Consultants. 

Experience Preferred

  • Track record of success in a law enforcement agency
  • Experience in a law enforcement focused technology role
  • Experience in a customer facing sales, support, consulting, technical or project/account management role
  • Readiness to travel > 50% annually