Combating Violent Crime with Intelligence Led Policing

Join Forensic Logic COPLINK at our Crime Gun Intelligence Seminar and learn how to combat violent crime with intelligence led policing. Register now – space is limited!

  • Streamline access to Crime Gun Intelligence tools with Forensic Logic SEARCH and COPLINK
  • Hear from ATF officials about best practices for use of ATF eTrace and NIBIN
  • See how Forensic Logic SEARCH and COPLINK can automate gun tracing and instantly link relevant incident information to serial firearm related crime


  • South Florida HIDTA - Hugo Barrera, Director 
  • Miami-Dade Police Department - Stephanie Stoiloff, Senior Police Bureau Commander
  • ATF Chief of Firearm Operations and co-author of US DOJ's Violent Crime Impact Team program - Scot Thomasson (ret)


Thursday, October 25th 2018

1:30PM to 3:30PM (EDT)


South Florida HIDTA 

3101 Commerce Parkway

Miramar FL, 33025-3101 Commerce Parkway

Attendees: Limited to law enforcement 

  • Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs
  • Sheriffs and Under Sheriffs 
  • Criminal Investigation Division Commanders 
  • District Attorneys and their Investigators 
  • US Attorneys 
  • Crime Lab Commanders 

We hope to see you there!