The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped an investigator make critical connections with a simple piece of information, completely changing the direction of the case.

A case was opened when a victim called the station reporting the vandalism of her SUV. The victim reported that all the windows to her vehicle were smashed and she claimed to have observed the suspect smashing the windows. The victim also reported an additional witness to the vandalism act. She informed the officers that she knew the suspect's name but had no other information to help locate the suspect. The investigator proceeded to run the suspects' name through COPLINK X and immediately found a Police report, from another agency from a few days prior, where the victim had been arrested for vandalizing the suspect's vehicle. 

The investigator took this new information to the victim of the vandalism case. The investigator advised that in order to take any warrants out for the vandalism of her vehicle, they would have to reference the previous arrest of the victim also causing damage to the suspect's vehicle. Considering the circumstances, the case was dropped and the victim no longer felt the need to continue with the prosecution. 

COPLINK X allowed this investigator to find vital information that affected the overall process and outcome of the case. This information allowed the investigator to efficiently close a case and find the truth. 


"COPLINK X is critical to all my investigations. It allows me to take the information I have and narrow it down to what matters most." 

- Kevin Osburn, Investigator, Chattanooga Police Department


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